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Our Partners

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The Alliance is a community of individuals whose passion and artistry represent the now and future of Entertainment+Arts. We invest in the well-being of the individuals who color the fabric of our cultural spirit.

EAA was established in 1989 as Video Industry AIDS Action Committee (VIAAC) by a group of home video industry executives dedicated to funding research, treatment services, and prevention programs for HIV and AIDS. Since its founding, the organization has distributed $5.6 million to more than 155 individual beneficiaries nationwide. EAA's Marc Berman Fund continues to provide emergency financial assistance to individuals diagnosed with the AIDS virus.

In 2021, the rebranded Entertainment+Arts Alliance (formerly Entertainment AIDS Alliance) announced a new mission statement aimed to meet artists' needs during the depression-like economic downturn due to the global pandemic.

EAA's broadened mission is to bring together industry professionals, enthusiasts and audiences to provide financial and artistic support for those in entertainment and the arts.
EAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit run entirely by pro bono professionals and volunteers.

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