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The Mamie and Jimmie Collier Writing Fellowship is a writing competition established to identify and encourage emerging, talented, BIPOC playwrights and screenwriters.
The fellowship was conceived with the desire to center playwrights and screenwriters in an environment that understands the context of their work, thereby providing an inclusive portal to new worlds and the truths therein.

The fellowship will host an annual playwright & screenwriting competition with prize monies, Table Reading Workshop of new scripts, Industry Guest Symposium and a program for overall writing ability improvement that meets the current landscape to launch young writers’ careers. We are highly focused on providing mentorship, practical industry advice, and career guidance that these writers need in today's industry.

Meet the Founders

Meet the Daughters of Mamie & Jimmie Collier,

Susan-Sojourna and Yasmin Collier


"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."


-Alice Walker

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